Responsible for all other visual arts, (painting, drawing, photography, weaving, ceramics etc). 

ArtsWeb organises all activities associated with these arts.
ArtsWeb is also responsible for the management and operation of the Platypus Gallery.


There is currently one permanent 'painters & drawers' group that meets each Thursday at 10am (until 4pm) at Northside Chapel, Johnson Street. The group meets to paint together and to learn from each other. 


There are other groups that meet irregularly including weaving, ceramics and printmaking. ArtsWeb is always on the lookout for new groups so that they can foster their art interests.

ArtsWeb organises regular exhibitions, competitions workshops and classes during the years for its groups. To meet its objective of displaying members art, ArtsWeb manages and runs the Platypus Gallery in Lachlan St. From time to time ArtsWeb organises exhibitions displaying artists from further afield.


A dynamic arty bunch

Proud sponsors
of Forbes Arts Society

The Forbes Arts Society is the overriding body of Sculpture Down the Lachlan trail, Grazing Down the Lachlan (a foodie adventure) and ArtsWeb. For more information contact President of the Arts Society, Dr Karen Ritchie

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